Camera two point perspective ?

Started by kwaikeong1402, August 07, 2011, 10:21:48 PM

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Chad Holton

Thanks for trying it out. :) You can narrow the pixel width to help the times a little and/or remove the ground shadow too (depending on your needs).
Obviously, this may not work for every angle you desire with 2 point perspective, but I just wanted to point out it was possible for some.


Oic...hopefully keyshot will add in and improve this 2 point perspective function in new version.....hahahahahaa.... :)


Excuse me guys,

but as a professionnal photographer, it's called "lense aberation".

Indeed, when we have to resolve this problem, we play with focal lenght (in camera settings)....

For Keyshot it's the same : if you want to resolve this problem, you have to play with focal lenght : see exemples below, you will understand what I mean...



I noticed you are using 35 as the focal length of the lens, try increasing this to 150-200 (or higher) that should fix the convergence issue. Just like a real SLR camera using a longer lens