Author Topic: color coding Studios / Models Sets / Environments / Cameras  (Read 1801 times)

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Would be great to be able to color-code these things, similar to Apple's Finder. I'm working on a large project now and everywhere I look there's long lists of stuff. Being able speed up identification by color would be great.

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Re: color coding Studios / Models Sets / Environments / Cameras
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Too bad in the newer version of OSX they took away the ability to color the entire row of the filename/folder, now they just have the "Tags" that appear as dots in a column. There was a utility to bring this behavior back that worked for a while but I think with Apple's frantic sandboxing of everything it broke with High Sierra. I really miss that, I used it extensively for organizing and labeling things to find quickly. One more reason I'm not as mad as I should be about having to use windows at work.

 Photoshop layers and groups can be color coded as well, that would be a good one to look at for the implementation.