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I am a Product Designer turned Creative Content Creator for Fortress Interlocks. I just wanted to showcase my work here at Fortress Interlocks since I use KeyShot as my main tool in creating digital content to explain our product line.

My work flow is basically:
- Creating objects to be used on the KeyShot scene in Creo Parametric 4.0
- Arranging the Scene in KeyShot, where I will be creating rendered images and rendered animations.
- I take the frames from the KeyShot renders and turn it into a video using Photoshop.
- Post Processing: After Effects and Premiere Pro, to create the full video.

To share a bit of my background. I have studied Product Design in University and worked as a Product Designer for 2 years+ , I have gotten lucky in landing this Animator role at Fortress Interlocks, by proving I can learn new skills in a short amount of time.

Below shows 2 of my very first works:
These type of animations were quite hard to work with since I made the scene too complicated which is my fault really.

Animations below are my recent works where I have improved in my animation skill and using camera animation to give it more spice:

I have also done some step by step instructional animation:

Any feedback is welcomed, I appreciate constructive criticism, that's how I improve.