How to store materials with textures

Started by mattjgerard, September 14, 2018, 07:15:20 AM

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I have several materials that have textures associated with them, the one I'm trying to use now is a terrazo floor texture from poliigon. I created the material a couple months ago, saved it to my library, which is on a shared network drive for the others to get to. Now when I try to use that, the textures come up missing. Do I need to save all the assets for that material somewhere? I figured it would all be packaged into the material that is saved in the library, but that doesn't seem to be happening. I can go back and reconnect the textures in the MatGraph but, I would like to not have to do that every time I want to use that matieral. This is happening on other materials as well that I have built, so I'm hoping it just a user error where I'm not saving the material properly.



I have to keep a local copy of all our laminates on my machine for a material with a link to find it again. I tested it out when I moved from my Mac to our new Windows 10 machine and put the files on a server. After repeated tries, I finally gave up and copied them to a local internal sata drive...

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That sucks. I guess my question is that when I create a material with image textures and I save it to the library, doe KS just use references to the physical location of the textures or does it go out an grab all those and wrangle them into a central place so no matter if I delete the other texture files it should be able to find them in its own little hiding place. This is the way it should work, but I'm thinking thats not so, so I have to maintain my own location for textures that are linked to materials I create. Not the best way IMHO. Especially since my co worker and I are constantly sharing materials for jobs. I'm crazy for the next month or tow with work, and after we upgrade to 8 I want to take 2 days and organize everything the way it needs to work, so when I am nutso busy I don't have to go chasing down textures just to get a material to work.


Maybe that trick would help?
If you create a new material template, Keyshot give you the option to store a copy of that material in the mat temp path. There you'll find the mtl and all the textures. So if the material path also is defined to the material template path, you'll find it in the library.

Hope that helps

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