Storm Strike (Video)

Started by LM6, September 23, 2018, 02:19:00 AM

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Video Attached (this clip contains strobing effects)

The attached video is 800x800 due to size restrictions on this forum.

This is my take on a Snow Globe (the X-Men version) rendered out at 96 samples per frame, Interior Mode

The figure is a Daz 3D Genesis 2 male imported into C4D and placed inside a sphere. More spheres (smaller) added via XParticles then animated, driven by a vertex map and a collider tag.
The Cyclops laser eyes were created using two cylinders and a vertex map.
Once completed all baked out into two .abc files ..7 sub frames for the spheres, 1 for the eyes.
Baked out the 2 vertex driven animated maps at 512x512

Imported all .abc files and maps into Keyshot and set up the materials.
The body is Metal Aluminum, the eyes use Emissive, the smaller spheres are Liquid
The larger Sphere was Displaced then duplicated then the vertex driven maps were added, driving emissive opacity to create the animated light effects.
Switched on the Motion Blur and rendered out to an .exr seq

The frames were graded in Photoshop, no render passes were used on this clip.

Thats about it.




Images and additional files