Medea Nocturnal + new "Final"!

Started by Speedster, September 30, 2018, 08:10:17 PM

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Problem:  Volumetrics is so damned much fun it should be illegal!

Revisited my SolidWorks model of the Steam Yacht Medea, but now with Volumetrics and scattering.

Not quite where I wanted it to go, but I had to get it done to this point today, ahead of the Monday deadline, and my work has to start again as well.  Dang!

But I learned a lot!

I've been using a cube for the volume, but on a whim I chose to use a hemisphere for this one.  Don't know anything about the physics involved, but I think the hemisphere works better...

So anyway, here she is!

Bill G



Decided to revisit Medea early this morning, while my client was still asleep.  After what I learned yesterday, over about eight hours, I started from scratch and did this one in about one hour, not including rendering time.

With Volumetrics, lighting is a critical part of the process, even more than usual.  Even very minor tweaks have a big impact.  Here I used three of the new Spotlights, with the HDR set quite low.

Also below is the hemisphere I used instead of a cube. 

I've used the word "Final" so many times lately, I decided this would be my final use of the word final, and finally reached the conclusion that, when all is said and done, we finally have to draw the final line and finally call it done!


Bill G