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Started by martinwahlberg, September 28, 2018, 03:19:48 PM

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This probably doesn't qualify for the contest because I can't say that I make use of any of the cool new features in KS8. There is some bloom in there but that's hardly new even though that threshold feature was very welcome. But still I wanted to say thanks for being part of the beta-testing group. Hopefully I contributed in some tiny way with a few crash reports and some minor remarks. Thanks for very quick feedback on Slack, Rex, Josh, Dries, Henrik, Esben, Magnus, Peter G, Will, Claus and more, thank you for your replies. You all have a part in helping me develop my work in KS. I feel like I've just started out. Looking forward to creating new stuff with KS8 and being part of the Keyshot community.

Thanks again guys!

And here are a few images of this interior scene. Sketchup, Keyshot 8, mostly Poliigon textures, Adobe stock photo...what else...Arroway texture for the floor, Keyshot velvet material for the chairs, some Photoshop post stuff, some models from Turbosquid, some created by me, hdri lit and one with KS Sun & sky. Well a patchwork really, like always :)


Gawd, those are stunning!

Some of the best interior renders I've ever seen come out of KS.


Oh my, thanks for the super kind words Dmerz III  :D


These type of images are not normally my thing, but I must say, they have been done very well, as good as ive seen on this forum  :)


Much appreciated LM6.  Your work is truly inspirational.