Solidworks plugin update schedule

Started by ghostrider, August 29, 2017, 01:18:46 AM

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We use Solidworks and Keyshot, and rely on the products talking to each other nicely.  Keyshot is a relatively new addition for us, so previously we would update Solidworks at around SP2.0. Last time we had a few issues and were very busy so decided to hold fire on any updates.

Really my question is whether there is any schedule of when the Keyshot plugin will gain compatibility of the new Solidworks version. IE when do you expect Keyshot to become compatible with Solidworks 2018.

And also, we have Keyshot 6, what is the latest version of Solidworks a plugin will be made for?

Sorry if I'm talking nonsense, I just need to come up with an update plan for the next few years.

ace cool

Hey welcome to forum I'm also a user with same softwares
I'm not aware of Their schedule as you asked but
I want to share my experience with you, most of the times their plugin works with upgrades of each application for example I've been using plugin for KS6 with SW2016 then i upgraded to SW2017 it was compatible with that also thn KS7 came and i'm still using same plugin means KS 7 and SW2017 and it still works.

you can get latest version of that plugin from this link

I hope it helps you.




Hi ghostrider, apologies that you didn't get a response from our team (must have slipped by).

Today, we published an update for the KeyShot SolidWorks plugin with support for Motion Studies and option to separate materials on import.

You can download it here:

As far as release schedule, we release the plugin update as soon as we receive and incorporate the updated data translation set. This one took a little bit longer with the addition of Motion Study support and beta testing.

Any other questions, just met me know.