Opening Keyshot Pro files in Keyshot HD (when they are the same version)

Started by KlaasK, November 22, 2018, 04:46:49 AM

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At my company, we have two Keyshot HD licenses. We're thinking about buying a third one, preferably a Keyshot Pro license.
Before buying, i'd like to know if Keyshot (7) HD is able to open Keyshot (7) Pro files and the other way around.
Anyone having experience with this?

Best regards,

Niko Planke

Hello Klaas,

KeyShot HD will be able to open KeyShot Pro Files and the other way around.
But note that some KeyShot pro features, such as Model Sets, are not available in KeyShot HD. In this Case you may not be able to see all Model information in KeyShot HD.

An other Note, KeyShot Files are not Backwards compatible across Major versions, so KeyShot 7 will not be able to open files that have been saved in KeyShot 8.