Replace SSD with larger one - best option

Started by rfollett, November 15, 2018, 02:24:44 AM

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trust you guys so wanted to check before I jump.

I currently have a Kingston 120G SV300S37A which is at 95% and has windows installed.

Want to replace with 480GB, looked at PNY as this comes with ACRONIS true image.. looks straight forward enough..


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We use acronis on almost a weekly basis and you can't beat it for cloning drives!


SSD drives these days are pretty ubiquitous, most of the memory In the world en masse is manufactured by only a handful of companies (micron or samsung, etc) , and PNY is another 2nd party assembler of parts from whoever they got the best deal from that week. That being said, I'm sure for most purposes they are fine. The reviews on amazon and other places seem to be OK. Personally, I'd rather go with a 1st tier supplier, I use samsung EVO drives. Crucial is the retail arm of Micron who actually makes the chips. Warranties are nice but won't recover your data, so having top quality chips and guts to the drive is more important to me. I would guess that chip manufacturers wouldn't put second rate product in their own offerings, so I would go with them if I can get a decent price on it.

I do have an offbrand SSD in my pc at home that I got somewhere, but it is strictly a cache drive for Premiere and Aftereffects, so it can die off at any time and I only lose my preview renders.

And yes to the backup. I'm stupid and dumb when it comes to backing up on a PC, I'm using some app called synctron at work to backup my projects to the network folder, seems to be working OK. Sort of a set it and forget it. At home I'm not backing up anything, and yeah, I need to fix that :)

So, in short if you can get a drive from one of the 1st tier suppliers (samsung, crucial, kingston) I'd go that route as long as the price isn't too crazy.


Quote from: bharris on November 15, 2018, 08:27:34 AM
Samsung 860 500GB for $78:

I've got two of those. Work great, very reliable. Now if I could just upgrade the drive in my macbook pro that cheap :(