Labels on a bottle—one problem after another

Started by jackmarison93, November 19, 2018, 12:05:23 AM

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I have a frosted glass cylinder bottle onto which I'm trying to apply a label.

If I use normal projection, the label will appear cut off. To fix this, I have to increase the depth to about 2.5. However, in increasing the depth so much, I create a shadow on the bottle which is unacceptable.

If I use planar-x, the label will appear properly. However, the label will also appear on the opposite side of the bottle and result in a pronounced shadow on the glass. Also unacceptable.

If I use the "edit geometry" function and split the surface off, I can get the label to apply properly without shadow problems. HOWEVER, the color of the glass/liquid changes. It's not terrible, but it is different than how I would like it to be.

Given all of the above, is there:

1 - a way to get the label to sit on the glass bottle without being cut off, casting a shadow or repeating itself?

2 - if the answer to the above is "no"... is there a way to split the surface off without changing the color of the glass and liquid?


Hi Jack,

What kind of geometry are you working with? Is the bottle a revolved shape, or does it have a flat face? I.e. Is the Label supposed to wrap around the geometry, or does it sit flat?



Hey Jack.

Do you tried to uncheck "both sides" option of the label that appeared on the backside?

Hope that helps.