Automatically assign materials from KS library to STEP import

Started by PerFotoVDB, November 07, 2018, 09:04:10 AM

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Hi all,

We are trying to import a step file and that it automatically assigns materials.

The manual clearly states:
"Assign Materials from Library

When this is enabled materials will be auto-assigned upon import if the native CAD materials have the same name as materials in the KeyShot Library."

The native file, before export, is fusion 360 with both appearance and physical material with the exact names as the materials in Keyshot.

Whatever option we try it only imports color values. No material name and certainly no material gets automatically applied.

Any thoughts?



Can you share a simple step file from your fusion containing some cubes with your defined materials? So we'l can take a look into this. It is important what comes into KeyShot.
Since I have no access to Fusion360 to build an example.

But if you're familiar with material templates, you can use this mechanism way much flexible.



Hello PerFotoVDB,

Sadly, it seems that your workflow is not supported such that it can automatically apply materials.
Some information gets lost during the import, especially when using a third party format such as .step.

You could try your luck with the Fusion360 plugin -


Never used Fusion, but I have had success with Material templates in the past (really useful, if you're using common parts which never change name/materials)