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Started by Ray x, January 04, 2019, 07:44:51 AM

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Ray x

Hi Folks
New to the forum [ and Keyshot ]  so this is my first post ,  When I create an assembly in Alibre and take it into Keyshot 7, If I use the move tool the very first time it moves the whole assembly [ which is what I want ] but later if I go to move the assembly again it will only move a certain part even though I have the whole model selected. The parts are  also fully constrained in Alibre.


Are you sure the whole model is selected? Make sure in the scene tree that you have chosen the top level. It's easy to click the model in the realtime view and think you are selecting the entire thing but end up only actually selecting a single part. Also, when you are in the scene tab, the part that is selected (whether a single part or the entire model) will (should) have an orange outline around it so it's easy to see what you've picked before you move it. If you have indeed selected the entire model, I can't imagine why only a single part would move.


At any point are you locking any of the parts for any reason? If you lock a part and then forget to unlock it and then try moving???

How about if you select the whole model, and then manually enter values in the translation column in the position tab, do they all move then or do only certain ones?

Can you verify if its the same parts that don't move, or is it random, or relegated to a particular group or anything? Does a different model produce the same issue, or is it only this one particular one?

Are you using models sets? If you have multiple model sets and you have multiple sets showing but you select the top level of one, that one would move but not the parts in the other model set.

Idk, just winging out some ideas....

Can you share a screenshot of what you model tree looks like when you have it selected and some of the parts aren't moving?


The CAD based version of KeyShot that comes with Alibre is limited like the HD version.
But you should see a structured list of the assembly components and be able to select the separately and move them (RMB).

Only an upgrade to pro version enables import of neutral formats and other file types.

Perhaps (as already mentioned) you can post a simple Alibre assembly with a few parts as bip. So we can help you to find a solution.

Hope that helps


Ray x

Thanks to all.  I can now move as needed.


What turned out to be the issue? It would be good to post the resolution here in case some one else has the same problem in the future.