keyshot 8 with network render 7?

Started by PeterSwift, November 27, 2018, 12:26:57 PM

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Just got Keyshot 8 on one computer to try it out.   I can't seem to be able to send render to our network render "7".
Is that supported? I don't want to install and try to make it work if it's not :)


I think it´s not possible. We were in the same situation in our company where the newest 3d artist got Keyshot 8 and couldn´t submit jobs to the version 7 network rendering. Luxion recommended to upgrade the render farm to 8 and now Keyshot 8 and Keyshot 7 users can render in the network and there are some new features like pausing a job which is great for rendering animations. :D


Oh Perfect. Then it's a simple fix!
Great news! :)