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Merge geometry
« on: December 05, 2018, 07:34:00 am »
Thinking I might have to follow Esben's lead and just create one thread?

Love the geometry editor for splitting faces and parts, fantastic. Any way we can get it to merge geometry as well?

1) I get a huge cad file from a client, and I have cubes that come in as 6 faces instead of a cube. Can't map a texture on it very well nor apply rounded edges to the cube. Would be great to select all 6 faces and merge, then turn on rounded edges

2) Allen head screw comes in from a grabcad model or from a client, but comes in hundreds of pieces. Would love to be able to select the group in the scene tree and hit a hotkey to merge it all into one object.

I know I can use grouping to solve some sorts of these issues, and maybe my import options aren't right, or the export didn't have the right settings. All in all, I'm in the seat of being a problem solver, and I'd rather be able to solve problems myself than going back to the source of the problem. Its faster and I know what I need to get the job done.

I dump these models into Cinema 4d via fbx files and do the merging as of right now, but would be great to be able to do this right in KS.