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Re: Per object/group lighting
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2018, 06:58:00 am »
I would think that there would be a field in the Properties panel when you select a group or object. If its blank, then it uses the project environment. If you drag an environment from the library into that field, it will override the project environment settings and use that one. Or add another "tab" next to Properties - Position - Materials - Environment under the scene tree.

I think I would find this a little limiting because it means I would need an HDRI in my library in the exact state I need it. Having the option to use a complete environment (and all the extra controls) from my list of environments would be more ideal. I can then choose to update/edit my pins as needed as well in that environment and not need it saved to my library.

Also, as I mentioned, having the override tied to the geometry or part kind of limits my ability to have several variations if needed on the same part (ie. maybe I need a separate lighting environment for JUST the metallic foil in my label, but not the rest of the label) All of that label would be one part. Multi-Material with Environment override gives me that flexibility.

I see what you are saying, and yes that does make sense now. I guess it could get as granular as ultra specific as anyone wants, as long as the wizards can create an interface that makes sense as to how it works.

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Re: Per object/group lighting
« Reply #16 on: January 04, 2019, 05:20:49 am »

Good question

Does need to be an overly complex interface. It should be simple. Actually, internally the only thing it should do is add a transformation node before applying the hdr instead of applying the node after the image is loaded.
Could it be built on top of an existing feature set perhaps?

I could describe how it works in Deltagen but it probably makes no sense.