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The Keyshot Configurator is awesome. We use it to render literally thousands of product variations with a single click (after setting up the file correctly of course).

HOWEVER – we then end up with thousands of images with the same filename (with appended number) and the corresponding .meta files with all the configuration information. Renaming those images is an incredibly time-consuming and tedious task, and prone to "user error".

Can I suggest that the Keyshot devs add the ability to output filenames based on each configuration?

In the meantime, does anyone have an existing solution for batch renaming the images based on the information contained in the corresponding .meta files? I haven't been able to find any software that can do this (most require the meta information to be embedded in the image file).

Offline brandsmith

Re: Output Configurator Renders with Filenames Based on Configuration
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For anyone else who has encountered the same issue, we solved it by building an app that batch renames the image files with the key data in the meta file array. From there we were able to just use a standard batch file renamer to reformat the filename structure as required.