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Theta 360

Started by PhilippeV8, March 05, 2015, 03:43:16 AM

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P.S. If anyone is trying to save up for a fisheye, I highly recommend getting this Rokinon 8mm lens for less than $300.  It was sooo inexpensive and whenever I post photos I took with it people comment on how crisp and sharp they are.  It's a great lens and gets really great reviews from many pros. I've seen many people comment that they prefer it over their expensive Nikon lenses. 


 ;DHere's the discussion that was on the Flickr Ricoh Theta group.  I can't access the links right now due to a corporate firewall, but here's what my friend had posted:

By adding a small reflective material to the Theta it will reflect the environment and blend in even better.

The site is japanese, but you'll get the idea. There is a link to a pdf template for the new "piece", all you'll need is some thin silver tape or self adhesive foil.

PDF template is here:


Has anyone looked at the Bubl camera? It seems to be very suitable to make pretty amazing HDRi's. One of its Kickstarter stretch goals was to add a HDR(i) mode, which it seems to have made. This thing has me tempted for a while now, though I could probably use other devices and upgrades better.


I haven't seen the bubble cam in action. 
But I do highly recommend the Giroptic camera.  Saw it in action at CES and it was really great!