Labels dropping off imported model

Started by cbutler, January 22, 2019, 06:02:59 PM

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I have a bunch of models which have their own separate keyshot .bip file [lets call these original - they are the orange bottle in attachment], with their own materials, textures, labels etc set up.

I am adding these 'originals' to a scene [lets call this new] . Import >> Add to scene >> . Retain materials is ticked.
The models are easy to add, but when I do, the materials come across, but it is dropping off the labels. The arnt visible, and they don't come up in the Materials - Labels  section.
Is there a way for the labels to come across to?

And then if I was to make any updates to my 'originals', would the 'originals' that are in the 'new' update? Or do they loose all ties to the 'original' once they are added to the 'new'?

The 'originals' also have different material/label configurations. So the orange colour can be multiple colours/flavours. Is the best way to achieve this by multi materials? or is there a better way? When patterned as shown, what is the best way to control configurations of colours?



The label issue coiuld be one of 2 things-
1) Mapping and scale of the new scene you are importing into. From what I've found the only reliable way of labels keeping their place and size is with UV mapping.
2) The link to the actual label graphic file is being lost. Try to go into the material and reconnect the label file and see if that fixes it. If you have the matgraph open for that label, if the link to the file is broken, the thumbnail in the texture node will be a checkerboard.

For the color of the gunk in the jars, yeah, a multi material would be an easy way to manage that. I do the same for colored lights and plastics. You could manage this with just separate materials in a folder in the material library, achieves the same thing, but the multimaterial opens the possibility of using studios and the configurator in more depth if you wish.

Once you import an object into a different scene, there is no connection to the original. It is not "linked" to the original, there are no reference objects (or xrefs as they are sometimes called) Everything is self contained.