updating model changes scale... Why, what am i doing wrong?

Started by WoodCarver, January 18, 2019, 06:39:14 AM

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i am using Solid Edge to model my stuff and then i import it into Key. I set up scale and apply materials, adjust camera setting. then when i need to update the model because i move a part, i notice the scale of the model goes wonky.
Is there a way to control this?

attachment : Capture is after the update. Capture2 is a before update.


Is it the scale of the model or the scale / size of the environment? It could be that the import option for SolidEdge is messing with the environment size?


I am not sure how to answer that question. while the model is in Solid Edge everything is scaled to English inch units. once it goes into KeyShot i am not sure. if i look at "set scene units" its usually set to meters even tho it was imported with inch. if you look at the units used for camera distance and rotation, it all changes with each import.


Capture 2 looks like you have the current camera selected, but it shows Unsaved. Try saving that camera with the settings you choose. Then update. If the camera view is off, check to see what camera is selected. If current camera is selected and it says unsaved again, jump over to the free camera and back again and it should reset to whatever was saved from before.

Can't say as to why its happening, but something to try anyways.