Part 'has no texture co-ordinates'?

Started by jhiker, January 24, 2019, 08:51:52 AM

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This is an old BIP opened in KS8 - error reporting window pops up - what does it mean if a part 'has no texture co-ordinates'?


Invisible parts in 'old' scenes - may be connected to the 'no texture coordinates' thing...

This may be more serious than I thought  as it results in parts not displaying in the scene. Furthermore there's no indication in the scene tree which parts are not showing up.

I'll try and explain..

If I look at the scene preview in my 'scenes' folder all appears OK.
When I open the scene in either KS8 or KS7 there are parts missing (more correctly, they are there but not showing).
If I left-click where I know the part(s) are supposed to be I see an orange part outline.
If I move the camera the missing part temporarily appears black.
If I apply a material to the part it shows up.
So.. the part is actually there in the model but perhaps not showing because KS can't apply a material to it due to the 'no texture coordinates' or a 'missing texture file/jpg in material xxx'.

If Keyshot can't apply a material to a part because a reference material is no longer there would it be possible to substitute and apply a default 'clay' material? At least then it would be visible in the scene.