how to move camera around an object?

Started by hamidbarca, January 19, 2019, 02:20:02 AM

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hi everyone.i've got a problem...i have a scene with several objects and some of them are not at the center of scene.the problem is when i want to only work on one of these objects, for instance applying material on it,i can't move camera exactly around a specific's like moving around the center point of scene.i'm not sure if i explained clearly or not but i would appreciate it if you help me


Hello Hamid.

Which version of KeyShot do you use.
You can select your "not centered" part an use "set model center as camera target". This feature will position the rotation point.
As the fastest way just use CTRL + ALT + RMB (click) on the location that should be used as camera target.

Hope that helps