SubD export to Keyshot

Started by bunnyboxx, September 11, 2011, 07:57:37 PM

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How do I export a subd geometry from maya to keyshot.

I press '3' to show subd on my object and then I export it as either fbx or obj.  But when it loads in Keyshot it reverts back to very low poly.

Any suggestions?



Sounds like you have a proxy smooth on your models. Even though it looks smooth in maya it's not. You need to do a real smooth on your models.
What a proxy smooth is, it shows you what the model will look like when you apply the accual smooth. It's a nice way to work so you can see what your doing but at the same time your not slowing down. Due to the extra polys you get when you really smooth your models. The thing is you have to remember to smooth your model at the end. Or you get what your getting in Keyshot or any other software you read that model in.
I hope I made sense. It gets very confussing sometimes.