Problem importing curves from Maya

Started by Nicklas Holmgren, January 10, 2019, 07:35:39 AM

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Nicklas Holmgren


I keep reading everywhere that it is supported to import curves from Maya to Keyshot, using either the plugin or direct import. I use Maya 2018 and Keyshot 7 specifically.

I cannot get it to work though and I'm out of ideas now on what the problem might be. The export and import don't give me any error messages, and the curves show up in the tree-view list inside Keyshot. But they are never visible. If I use the plugin the curves will import without a material field (I can't assign any materials to them). If I use a direct import, with FBX for instance, the curves will have a material field and I can assign materials to them but regardless they are never visible.

Would really appreciate any tips on troubleshooting this. I've seen people mention in a few other threads that curves disappear for them, sounds like it could be a similar issue, but the threads I've seen end without a solution being mentioned.


Would you be able to share the file with ?

I would also recommend trying the alembic format.