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Started by mercury, March 25, 2019, 12:50:37 PM

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Hello Folks,

I guess this is probably a silly question, but as I am new to keyshot and 3D Stuff I did not find an answer to my question elswhere.

I have different objects from different sources, some of them are bought from library others are made by 3D designers by order. Some of them are .obj files others are cinema4D.

Those objects in reality has sizes in the ranges of lets say 20cm hight the maximum. Now I am going to arrange differents of them in different compositions (ks scenes).

Now whenever I start a scene, with importing the second objects, they start to have totally different scales. So everytime a start a new scene, I have to adjust scaling from scratch to every second or more object imported.

I wonder if there is a possibility to once scale any object to its related scale to others and save it. So that in future time importing it will have i directly in the appropriate size, saving me from arranging the related scale?

thx in advance for any help.


If they are assets that you keep re-using, it may pay to import each one once into their own Keyshot scene. That way you can fix scen units, materials, textures, scale, position, etc.
Then for future projects, instead of importing the obj/fbx, you import the Keyshot file.