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Started by Robert V., May 01, 2010, 05:24:03 AM

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Robert V.


    I started this topic, so that all the key combinations will become clear for me. I think that I don't know every key combination (KC).

    I will post here every KC I know, if you know another one (or a better description) please reply.

    In the end we could have a complete KC-list.

    LMB = left mouse button
    RMB = right mouse button
    MMB = middle mouse button
    MW = mouse wheel

    KC:                              Description:

    LMB                             Move camera around object
    MMB                            Pan camera
    RMB + "move object"      Rotate object around x,y and/or z axis. Also the ability to scale the object.
    MW                             Nothing
    alt + MW                      Increase or decrease Focal Lenght
    alt + RMB                     Zoom out/in (move the mouse to the left or right)
    shift + alt + LMB            Move the object in relation to the ground/floor
    shift + alt + MMB           Rotate Object on the Y-axis
    shift + alt + RMB           Scale object
    ctrl + LMB                    Rotate the open environment around the object y-axis
    ctrl + alt + LMB             Rotate the open environment around the object  (x or z axis, don't know for sure)
    ctrl + alt + RMB             It does something, just not sure what, it looks like panning the camera.
    ctrl + alt + MW              Rotates the camera (twist angle)
    ctrl + shift + alt + LMB    Sets the height of the object in relation to the ground (move mouse up or down)
    ctrl + shift + alt + MMB   Rotate object on every single axis at once


Very nice. Or you could hit "K" or look under Help > Hot Keys Overview to see the completed list.  ;)


Robert V.

you're kidding me. doh!

Robert V.

I found 1 that isn't being mentioned:

ctrl + alt + LMB&drag   this rotates the HDR environment vertically.


Yes - and there is a reason for that. It works in realtime, but as soon as you hit the render button is will shift the ground plane. There is no recovery from that.

Shift C is also not documented - turn the coordinate system on and off.

Robert V.

Ow, that's a shame. I would really like that feature. Is it possible to see it again in keyshot 2? (or maybe for later versions?)


We will make it available at some point in v2.

Robert V.

Great to hear! Nice work on the preview btw.