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odd library behavior
« on: September 18, 2011, 05:38:31 pm »
Hi all;

I'm going nuts with my library.  Since KS3 is around the corner I have not yowled too much, but this latest issue is really strange.  I created a number of backplates, and dropped them into my backplate folder.  The thumbnails showed up as a "moon", from an ancient backplate I used for one image several years ago.  The screenshot shows the correct backplate as imported (I masked out the product due to an NDA) but note in the library there's a whole row of moons!  "Motteled-1" is highlighted as selected.

Also, although my library in Documents>KS>Backplates) is in separate folders (studio, tabletop, interiors, exteriors, etc.) they don't come in as folders, just all of the backplates.  I had carefully created these folders in the library window, as we do for materilas, etc., but KS refuses to recognize them as folders.

Anyway, any clues as to the odd thumbnails?  There are a number of others that show the wrong thumbnail as well.  Reload does not help.  In fact, that's when I lost my folders the first time.

Bill G