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Started by PeterSwift, February 27, 2019, 12:56:14 AM

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We render all products with keyshot and now when we are exploring using AR apps or use the 3D/materials in other programs when needed it would be great if the Export feature in Keyshot was more durable.
Right now when you export OBJ with .mtl or FBX and open it is a AR app or just cinema 4D for example. It just looks nothing close to what's in keyshot.  the jpeg texture don't follow.  So im not sure whats going on.


They don't export because KeyShot materials are proprietary. They only work within KeyShot. Part of the allure of KeyShot is it's materials. I can't imagine Luxion would want anyone to be able to export them to use in other rendering software and have them look exactly the same. You also have to take into account that material is only part of the equation. They only look the way that they do because they are interacting with the lighting and environments. Take all that away and the look is going to change (even if you could export them). That aside, I don't think I've ever exported an OBJ from any software whose material looked the same when imported into another. That .mtl file is pretty limited.


Also keep in mind that mapping tools in Keyshot don't create or change UV coordinates in your geometry afaik.
So (and I haven't tried it, but I would be surprised if it was any different) I would assume that any exported files from Keyshot have the same UV's as when they were first imported.


If displacement is used inside of Keyshot then the UVs get trashed/changed so nothing will be mapped correctly outside of Keyshot after export. There is a work around but depends on what type of work your doing.