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material graph - select children
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:29:46 am »
I'm creating a multi material with 4 labels and there will be 4 versions.
The "align nodes" button helps, yeah, but I'll be sharing the main material so I can change them all at once, so that doesn't really work. It just makes it so none of the nodes overlap. The wires are a MESS.

I'd love to be able to select the parent node, and hit a button that selected the children, so I can organize it a bit myself. This would be a big help, and is Hopefully fairly easy for an awesome programmer.

edit: if it's a shorter timeline, drag select would help immensely. It defaults to pan, which you can't even use if you're zoomed out. I would much rather middle mouse be pan here, and left mouse be select. Just to be consistent, and consistent with most other software keyshot users use.

I just wanted to illustrate this: because it caused me to make a mistake briefly.
The attached image is just 3 materials. The 3 maps highlighted, are 3 different versions of the same map. See how those wires end up routed? VERY difficult to follow. I chose that map because it's the only one that has a silver graphic. The others are just a single printed color, so Also difficult to follow which one is to which. So I'd love a way to just separate them more myself so at Least wires crossing only cross the same material.
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Re: material graph - select children
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