how to use clown passes in after effects

Started by PerFotoVDB, March 19, 2019, 02:42:54 AM

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Esben Oxholm

Quote from: DriesV on March 22, 2019, 07:32:09 AM
Yes, more details help. Or showing why the current tools are a pain, and other solutions would not be.

Sure, makes sense. Will get back with some examples.


I am sure that with the existing features, we can get easily very far and fast to stunning visuals and animations.

This is an interesting thread!

Eugen Fetsch

Quote from: DriesV on March 22, 2019, 07:10:14 AM
Hey guys,

Just letting you know that we are logging these requests and keeping track of them.
I can't give promises on development though. As some have correctly noted, VFX is not our main focus, and that is indeed why some of these features haven't made it in KeyShot yet.


Hi Dries, thanks for joining this discussion.

Just to clarify, it is not about to have a VFX pipeline in KS, but about some features that help to work in other applications. Some of them are obvious, like camera animation export...

... it can be used in After Effects and other software to create tracked title animations or add other effects like particles, smoke and fluids (Example) on top of the animation rendered in KS.

Multilayer EXR is an industry standard and cannot be ignored by KS any longer. (We had this talk already  ;) ) Working in compositing software like Resolve, Fusion, Nuke, Blender, etc. is much easier when you have all your passes in one file.

Seriously, is it so difficult to implement a multilayer EXR export for render passes and layers? How is it more difficult as to do a multilayer PSD file export? We have now 8bit, 16bit and 32bit PSD - wow, that's an evolution!!!

Motion blur definetely adds more realism to the renders but doubles the render time. Here an example how a vector pass can be used to add this effect cheaper in post production. Vector Path

The work of an artist doesn't end with a clean render image, especially in animations.
A normal path can be used to relight a completely black parts of the render in post. It saves animation projects day before the deadline. But - bump maps are not included in KS normal pass!!! And please, don't say that they are included in the interior mode. Who likes to render twice to get an appropriate pass?

I could go on and on... but it's like writing words into sand on a beach. The next wave / post / email will clean everything.

Like Andy wrote it ...
QuoteThe reason I'm using keyshot is primarily because the clients Also use keyshot.
I feel with him and share this experience. How sad is that?!

... it sounds angry and I truely am. KS is a love-hate! It's awesome for stills and a pain for animations. The time you spent to convert clients KSPs into other render suits is worth it later during the animation and compositing. Our prices for KS animations are simply higher ::) because of the dificulties:
- complex animation process
- missing export options
- missing or broken passes
- expensive and almost not existent dedicated render farms
- etc.

But things are changing, more and more clients agree to go with other render solutions for their animations and that helps.

So, keep logging and tracking ;)


Same here, full vfx capabilities are not necessary but I can't even decently select a part of the motion blurred clown pass in AE to do some color correction on it.
Cryptomatte could easily fix this issue.
Multi-exr, motion vectors and point position passes would greatly be appreciated, same as light select passes (see vray, maxwell). Modern-day compositing is slightly different from the very basic of passes or system KS has.

I do like keyshot more and more each day but currently, its really lacking some animation flexibility after rendering.

It can't be that hard to implement something similar, right? ;)