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Started by SK1107, April 03, 2019, 03:12:47 PM

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Is there some way to add Hot points with text description in Keyshot XR - similar to attached example?


Game changer. A full on interactive authoring tool would be unbelievably awesome. I've done this in the past for iBooks based product sales catalogs, but it was holy hell to get it to work. Render out a frame stack, then hand to the javascript guy and he would work his magic. The spots would fade in and out as you rotated the view past them, and the popup windows could hold HTML data that was stored in a sidecar folder, so you could basically author a simple webpage to embed into the popup. There are lots of online tools and authoring plugins to do these, but it would be fantastic to do them in KS.

But, wouldn't matter to me anyway, since our website is Adobe Experience Manage driven and they don't allow custom widgets, only simple spinsets, which means I can't even use the exported Xr's, just the frame stacks.


This would be super awesome to include this natively in KS. 

Some software I use occasionally (prolly less than I would like) is Object2VR or Pano2VR from Garden Gnome software. I think I mentioned this in a post somewhere, some years back.

Essentially I'd use KS XR to output all of the frames and then the Object2VR software to handle the stitching/hotspotting/outputting. Essentially not much different than Matt described, but a little less manual.

To address the OP, not right now as far as I know - unless you output the XR and then went to work with some heavy manual coding and figuring stuff out.

Eugen Fetsch

Hi SK1017.

How about this soulution (attached file)?

You need to use "Animation" for XR export.