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Mogeko Castle - fanart 3D
« on: April 07, 2019, 10:49:32 am »
Hi everyone, this is a fan art of Mogeko Castle. It's a RPG game made with the program of RPG maker.
So, today no live, as you could see this is an high poly render done in keyshot8, and the reason why I've done this little guy is only to learn my last enormous obstacle: to learn definitively how to do fur and hair for a game ready render. It's a really hard process to learn all alone and yes, I'm going mad to learn this last difficulty for my job.
Since I'm following the advice of a professor of mine, I'm working on a really huge fan art to insert in my portfolio, a small but necessary deviation before to returning to my characters.
I thought it's time to learn literally everything to be a complete 3D Artist.

Hope you like it, thanks!

(if you would like to see more images I posted this on my instagram )
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