Author Topic: Using Creo KS Plug-In Gives Menu to Apply Material Template during Import  (Read 1341 times)

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Basically what the title says:

When using Creo KS Plug-In (or any of the CAD plug-ins) it gives you the ability to apply a material template during the CAD import, just like when you normally would import within Keyshot.

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I use the Creo plugin only with export option. This give me the ability to apply a material template with import the bip file. A few customers use two different material templates. One sensitive to part names to apply standard materials to standard parts (common library models like screws, bolts, washers, nuts, etc) and one sensitive to material names (which are transferred out of Creo) for the created models with various names (e.g. from name generators / PDM driven).

This technique allows also geometry update scenarios when export a new bip file and re-import this in existing scenes using “update geometry” option.

Hope that helps


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I just tried what you mentioned, thanks for the reply.

It seems like it takes a few more steps than would be necessary, right? Unless I am not understanding something.

Seems like it defeats the purpose of the plug-in being able to go direct from Creo to Keyshot if you still have to export, then open KS, then import... Are you saying what you are doing doesn't break the Live-Linking?