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[Trending] Can I create deformable animations in KeyShot?
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:10:54 pm »
It is not possible to create deformable animations in KeyShot. However, KeyShot accepts deformable animations created in certain third-party applications. Below you will find the accepted formats and workflows.

Maya and 3DS Max Deformable Animations
Deformable animations would have to be set up in a CAD application like Maya and 3DS Max. You may export your part translations via the KeyShot plugin for Maya or 3DS Max.

Alembic Files
Keyshot also reads deformable animations within the alembic (*.ABC) file format. Consult your CAD developer for more information about their file export options and animation capabilities.

Export File Sequence
An alternative method would be to export your model as an OBJ (or CAD other file) sequence from your CAD application. You may then use our Render script to import and render each model in the sequence (fram-by-frame). For more information on exporting a CAD file sequence, please consult your CAD developer.

Below you will find a links to our scripting tutorials and documentation.

Below you will find a forum post related to this topic. There may be similar posts and answers to your questions (like exporting an OBJ sequence).

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