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Started by rskmanoj04, July 16, 2019, 12:56:01 AM

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Hi! Good Day!

Long question short: We (Our company in India) have a big server in our European Office, can we utilize the CPU of that server for Speeding up the render process of our animations that are being created in Our office through Network Rendering or do we have to setup a similar big server in our office locally?

(I'm newbie to this concept)

Thanks in Advance!



With Network Rendering, it is perfectly possible to submit render jobs remotely. In your case that means creating the animation scenes in India, and then sending them off to a Network Rendering setup in your European office for final rendering. Once the jobs are finished, the results (frames and/or video) will be sent back to your office in India (or whatever location you sent the render jobs from).



If the bandwidth is not a bottleneck, then this should work as Dries explained well.