[RESOLVED]BEYOND the "keyshot-scripting-tutorial-automate-rend"tutorial for KS 6

Started by Marc, July 16, 2019, 12:27:11 AM

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Hello Keyshot community,

I'm testing Keyshot in the moment and community member MWo (thank you, Marco!) did send me to this batchrendering tutorial on the Keyshot blog:


It has a script from Dries Vervoort, but unfortunately it's not working for me without errors inside Keyshot 8. This batchprocessing workflow is key for me. I need to load multiple material templates on one model and render them to a specific folder. I guess the steps to change the code for my purposes are not very complicated but I just need some help where to start.

I wanted to start learning Python for a long time. I think the time is now.

Computer make and Specs:
        Windows10 Pro
        NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
        Intel Core i7-3770
        32 GB Ram
    latest KeyShot Trial

Trying to apply the script on my project. First problem is the script looks for STEP files (please see attached image!).

Thank you for any kind of help!


Bruno F

Hello Marc,

The image url is not accessible. Please upload and attach to your original post.


Quote from: Bruno F on July 17, 2019, 09:26:37 AM
Hello Marc,

The image url is not accessible. Please upload and attach to your original post.

Thank you, Bruno! Fixed.
Strangely, somehow those links from GoogleDrive are just working for a short while.


For everyone interested in this issue. This is a very interesting discussion with an attached script similar to my problem:

Topic: Script for Multiple ColorWays help - Render Layers

I'm trying to change this script for my purpose now.


This is the working KSP file which I thankfully got from the Keyshot support, big THANKS guys! With this file you're not getting all the errors because of linked missing data. Maybe this is helpful for someone who wants to go through the "scripting-automate-your-rendering-tutorial" from the KS blog.