[RESOLVED] Name of Objects 3DS Max to KeyShot

Started by Serge Ortmann, July 26, 2019, 12:25:19 AM

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Serge Ortmann

Hi Everyone,

has anyone ever experienced something like this?

I imported a STEP-File into 3DS Max to generate the animations there. Afterwards I exported it to an .ABC-File (alembic) and imported that file into KS7.
So far so good, the import worked instantly and the animations are available as they should be. The only thing that happened is, that the Names of the object changed to strange digits ?

The same digits can be seen inside 3DS Max

Thanks in advance!

Bruno F

Hello Serge Ortmann,

Thank you for posting your question. The Step-to-ABC conversion might have changed the object names. It sounds like an issue that happened during conversion in 3DS Max. As an alternative, you may export your animation via the KeyShot plugin for 3DS Max (3DS Max 2019 and older). That might work better for you.

You can try the Keyshot plugin for your CAD application.  The plugin will add a KeyShot menu inside the CAD application and allow you to export BIP files that you can open in KeyShot. 

You can download the plugin from "here":http://keyshot.com/downloads/plugins/