How to replace imported step file in Keyshot ?

Started by jwongdesign, July 17, 2019, 02:51:30 PM

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Just spent the last hour trying to figure out if it is possible to replace an updated step file that's been imported into keyshot without reimporting, reassigning materials, labels and positioning? Please help.


Just a few simple steps:
- save current scene before the update (important, there's no undo after geometry update!)
- Import the new step file into the the
  - use options: add to scene and update geometry

If that fails, reload the saved scene (open latest scene, without saving current failed one)

Then add a new empty model set (pro feature) and add the new step into that model set. Use the option retain material.
Also you can create a material template of the old parts and apply that material template on the new model set. This works even if you changed the model (assembly)structure inside KeyShot.

Sorry for the short writing (used a mobile)

Hope that helps