Opacity Mask layer like in Photoshop

Started by rskmanoj04, August 20, 2019, 08:03:48 AM

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Hi All!

I would like to know if it is possible to create an opacity mask over a part of the object / scene... so that only the animated part is clearly visible (highlighted) in Keyshot.

Eg. Opacity layer in Photoshop to 80-90% grayed out of the unwanted area. (PFA)

If not possible directly... please let me know how that can be attained in a short time as editing hundreds of frames in Photoshop is not possible :(

Thanks in advance



I believe it's not the clown pass that I'm looking for... I want something that can help me to mask out a portion of the machinery, directly in Keyshot 8, which not relevant for the particular animation. Also... the machinery is containing 100s of parts which are (for some unknown reasons) not grouped in it's CAD file.

Eg: Please imagine this statue is blinking it's eyes... only that should be 100%  visible.



Anyone there to kindly help?

Or atleast please tell me if it can be done directly on Keyshot 8 or not.

Thank you!


Just thinking out loud here, but i guess you can apply flat materials 100% black to the parts hidden and 100% white to the ones you want visible and animate that ? If it's just a portion of the model and doesn't respect geometry i guess you can achieve what you want by placing a label with the desired form over the black material.

That way you'll have an animated alpha mask. Should work.