Play range handles - annoying

Started by jontracey, September 09, 2019, 01:44:46 AM

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When dragging the playhead up and down the timeline I frequently grab the play range handles instead, is there a way to lock these in place or just set duration and have them turn off


IMH experiences I wasn't able to lock the timeline work area end and start point (flag symbol) - BUT - if you click somewhere in the timeline and hold LMB, this "time cursor playhead thingy" will jump to your cursor position and follow the dragging move.

Not so intuitive in first place, but I work this way for several versions of KeyShot.



I find that works for jumping to a specific point but its when I want to scrub back and forth 9 times out of 10 I pick up the range handles instead


And exactly for this reason, I click near by the range handles and drag the timeline cursor to the desired position or start / end.
It is up to you to start a forum post with a wish to change the animation timeline. Some users will give advice or "+1" to your wish.


I think it may just be a wording issue - I had to read through a couple times to be sure of it.

Yes, if you click and release, the play head will jump to where your cursor is.
However, as MWo says, if you click and hold the play head will jump to your cursor position but will also "attach" it so you scrub the timeline at the same time. So the click brings it away from the other marker but the hold will then let you scrub back to where you want to review.

Like MWo says, make an update suggestion (in the wish list thread) and see what sort of traction it can get and they might implement something on a future release. Personally, I think some keystrokes similar to Premiere might be handy in this situation (i.e. spacebar to play the timeline although this is already a shortcut for the UI, but something like the J/K/L keys in Premiere that let you play forward and backward).