Rotating objects around a similar pivot point

Started by davidcbrett, September 12, 2019, 08:07:57 PM

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Hi all,

Im having a bit of frustration with an animation I am trying to put together.

I have a crane with telescoping jib sections that I would like to rotate around the mast AFTER all the jibs have been extended out.

The jib sections will rotate around the mast no problem when retracted, but when extended they all seem to rotate as if they are still retracted. I need them to still rotate around the mast while extended.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



I quite literally just had this happen to me last week.
In my case I rotated the object and its innards, then exploded the innards and then rotate them back into the original orientation, but when rotating back they sorta rotated in place and not around the pivot axis.

The extended animations need to be performed with the local axis selected. That way the object maintains relationship with its original position when rotated. It's weird, but makes sense when you really think about what happens to the individual axis when rotating around another axis. See attached pic.