Enviroment change after save the file.

Started by FulvioStats, September 28, 2019, 02:32:17 AM

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Hello, I'm having a problem with a scene where I'm using "Los Angeles Sunset 4k". I set up "turbidity" on value 2 and I got the light I want to have. Then if I save the file and reopen it the light scene is totally different. To get back to the original light I need to set up "turbidity" on another value and then came back to "2". My problem is that I'll need to send the file to a render farm and the scene will look totally different due to this problem. Do you have any advice about how to fix this bug? thanks

Eugen Fetsch

As a quick fix: save the environment to an external image like EXR, import it back to the library and apply it as new environment.


Thank you but also this not working... As soon. it saves the hdr already change the color. I think is a software bug but I don't know how to find an alternative solution.


Hello FulvioStats.

I can't replicate this issue on KeyShot 8.2.80. I used a simple cube in a scene with centimeter as unit system. Even if I take some changes on the HDRI with turbidity parameter or the ground color (parameter of sun & sky) and with/without re-calculating the environment - after saving and re-opening the scene, I can see the last parameter, but didn't noticed any issues.
You'll find my scene attached.

Perhaps you can replace the geometry of your scene with a simple part and post it here? So we'll can take a look into it.

Hope that helps to find a solution.


Justin A

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Thank you