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Started by bdochia, September 16, 2019, 01:09:37 AM

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I have left my computer to process a render queue over the weekend. I have 3 animations 1920x1080 @250 samples. Two of them are 6 seconds long the third one is 12 sec. long. One frame took about 3 minutes on my PC - so I thought all will be done until Monday.
I got back today to find 3 .mp4 files in the exports folder that have around 1MB each. When I try to play them they look to have 0.6 seconds and 1.2 sec.When I try to put them in Premier they have the right length of time but the screen is mostly black with some weird things going on on the top of the screen. The last time I checked, on Friday before I left office - everything seemed to be just fine...
I have attached my settings and one of the exported videos.

What could the problem be?
Is there any way to recover those animations (I ve spent about 60h to render them) ?
Is there a faulty setting that I have done and How can I be sure this does not happen again?


Hello bdochia, few months ago I also faced the same problem as you, so to solve the problem I converted those .mp4 files to .avi or .mov with Format Factory (you can use any convertor) and then they were ready to use in Premiere pro.

But for now I am rendering the videos in .avi(mpeg4) format not in .mp4 which works perfectly fine . I don't know why this weird error occurs, hopefully I have got an alternative for you.


I have tried to convert them with Adobe MediaEncoder, but the.avi that I got out of there has the same problems.
I ll give it a try with Format Factory and see how that goes.
Thx for answering me.


Not sure if it will help you in current situation, but always render frames so that you have a backup or at least can see in the frames what went wrong. Most people in the forums here don't even render the video output, they will do the frame output only, and will then import the frame stacks to Premiere or AE or whatever video production program they favor. It also saves some production time as Keyshot isn't converting video between renders.

Now, if you did happen to check the box for frame output, then you should have a folder sitting somewhere with all of the rendered frames in it that you can use if the converting idea doesn't work out for you.


Well the Format Factory convertor worked just fine in helping me to recover my lost animations.
Thanks for this @brahmzxc, you helped me save a lot of rendering hours.  8)


as theAVator suggested, frames is the way to go and compile them in Premiere. This gives you much more options to make fine adjustments in your final clip. It takes a little bit of getting used to but the results are that much better!

Justin A

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