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Started by Eugen Fetsch, September 16, 2019, 02:23:40 AM

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Eugen Fetsch

FBX export doesn't take in account local transformations in the tree.
How to recreate:
- Add a cube at 0/0/0 (x/y/z)
- Select the mesh in the scene tree (not the null/root object)
- Move/rotate/scale the mesh from the original position.
- Export as FBX
- Import the FBX back into KS
The imported object will have transforms from the null object.

KS Version: 8.2.80
OS: Win 10 Pro


Hello Eugen.

Don't really understand the problem in here.
I imported the basic cube (original an obj without unit system) and scaled it on the mesh level (not root). Regularly I do transformation like move or rotation on group levels.
After exporting as FBX and re-import this file in a new scene, the scaling was "baked" as fixed dimensions and the transformation is still readable in the group. (only the structure was added by two levels).
You can import my attached FBX file.


Eugen Fetsch


Hello Eugen.

Attached you'll find an example scene. The cube (similar to your video) has the transformation on the group level. If you import to fbx file into this scene with "keep original" position option, you'll notice that both cubes will overlap exactly.

As I mentioned in the previous post, use scaling on the mesh level and movements/rotation on group level - that works.


Eugen Fetsch

Thanks, Marco.

It doesn't solves the issue. I would like to transform on the mesh level.   

Edit: If you have over 50 mesh duplicates with local transforms, it's too time consuming to convert everything to groups and copy/paste the transforms. I would be happy about a fix in one of the next releases. ;)


This has hit me hard before as well. I had many Many pieces in several of the groups. It wasn't my file to begin with. And someone had made a bunch of changes in position at the mesh level. Pretty sure I abandoned whatever idea I had. That's always sad, when a failure in software causes you to abandon whatever idea you had.

It should always be noted that when you find a solution to something, that your solution is The solution, or a workaround.
Someone pointing out an issue, then you showing a Different way to do something....well, that's kind of the definition of a workaround. And then Eugen went and pointed out it's shortcoming.

I didn't know why some parts works and some didn't. So thank you for the workaround. But call it what it is, so we can keep developers on their toes.

Justin A

Due to inactivity on this post it will be set to RESOLVED and closed. If you are still having the same issues please open a new thread on the forum or contact us direct at Support@luxion.com

Thank you