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Tessellation options - just a couple changes
« on: September 16, 2019, 07:55:22 am »
You know that fancy fake radius that's Awesome for not having to add a crap ton of geometry and still get nice little highlights on sharp edges?
Well, it doesn't work with Rhino files, UNLESS you import with NURBS checked, Then re-tessellate everything from within keyshot.

Distance tolerance is actually my favorite way to control quality. It's the fastest way to add detail Only where you need it. The downside to it,'ve got it in percentage. That should be an actual distance, not percentage. Please allow for that.

Then you have maximum edge length. This works Better in percentage, but still I would rather have the option to have that in actual distance.

I also like to be able to set a maximum aspect ratio also, which eliminate long thin triangles. This usually only happens on questionable geometry, but come on folks, that happens. And it sucks to learn about it during render time. So that's a pretty nice band-aid.

The very last setting I use is Angle tolerance. I usually just leave that at 25deg. Using distance tolerance gives me better control because angle tolerance doesn't take into consideration that a large slightly curved surface is likely more important than a small radius.

Also Maximum edge length percentage doesn't seem to work All that great. I just changed from 4.35 to 4.3 percent, and the long thin triangles I was trying to eliminate are now subdivided 4 times. Perhaps a good example of why percentage isn't the greatest way to go here. Actual distance makes more sense.

It May be that percentage makes sense in certain cases. But it sure would be nice to have the option, because it doesn't work as well for me. And I'm switching to tessellating in keyshot so I can use the rounded edge option.