Cinema4D export with keyhot Plugin - Animation broken

Started by Mario Stockinger, August 08, 2019, 09:54:11 PM

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Mario Stockinger

A designer created a few animated modes of our production plants with cinema4d R20. There are a lot animations in the models (bins moving, lift moving up / down ect.)
I installed cinema4d R20 Demo on my keyshot PC and installed also the Keyshot Plugin following the install guide.

When i open a cinema4d model and start the animation in cinema 4d everything is ok, when i export the model to keyshot with the Plugin , at first it looks good but when i start the animation, a few parts move into wrong directions and the koordination system orientation seems to be wrong.

I then got the same cinema4d Model as fbx export , reimported it to keyshot and with that file it works. The import to keyshot takes a long time (compelx model).

I really don't know if there are any settings in cimea4d that could help to solve that problem.