Keyshot 9 and XR

Started by quigley, November 06, 2019, 09:52:52 AM

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I'm a little confused about Keyshot 9 and the new "Keyshot Web" functionality/add on ($1000 add on cost).

It seems to imply that this new add on replaces XR but absorbing XR into the funtionality. So I'm a bit unclear about what happens to existing XR license holders like us. Does our XR functionality remain as is? Does it get dropped in KS9 unless we then fork out $1000? Or do we get upgraded to the full Keyshot Web functionality (we are on maintenance)?

(Edit - just got KS9 running (top tip - use the "use KS8 settings" during install). XR is still there!)

Niko Planke

Hey Quigley,

There is no need to be concerned, the keyshot Xr license you already have will work in keyshot 9 and give you acces to the same features as the Web add-on does.

In case you have additional questions, I suggest you check with our sales team at