[RESOLVED]Can I extract a .bip file out of .ext/.ext.geom files?

Started by brendan_pierce, October 21, 2019, 02:42:31 PM

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We use Box to manage our files at work.  Today it decided to lose my latest 5GB master .bip file in the middle of creating a bunch of renderings.  In searching for the lost file, I see that the rendering queue files are saved in the Keyshot8/Scenes folder, and are the same size as the lost file. 

My question is:  Can I modify the .ext.geom file to recreate the .bip file?  It looks to be the same size as the original, so I assume that it contains all the data? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Keyshot 8.2.80


I don't know, those files usually disappear at some point, as from what I understand they are temp files. But, I would certainly be emailing keyshot at support@luxion.com to get a faster and more direct response to this issue. I would be getting a hold of Box as well and inquireing into any offline backups they perform and get them to start looking for the missing file. Good luck!

Justin A


The file size is the same but the file only contains scene information not geometry sadly. The only files that will contain geometry will be CAD files (FBX, OBJ, BIP etc.)