Some problems of keyshot9

Started by semozhangdama, November 13, 2019, 07:17:20 PM

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After testing keyshot9, it is found that GPU usage is less than 100% when GPU rendering is used. When rendering with CPU, GPU takes up 100% of the total, which causes the computer to jam.

GPU rendering is currently unable to render 16000 * 9000 resolution, or even more resolutions, which makes GPU unable to be used in work.

Use GPU to render webxr. After rendering a frame, you will stay for a long time before you continue to render the next frame.

After rendering the image and clicking the green √ in the upper left corner, keyshot9 will not respond for a period of time.


If you use the Windows task manager to evaluate the GPU load you will likely get a wrong number. You should look at the NVIDIA cuda load instead.

We are working on reducing the memory requirement for large image rendering on the GPU in KeyShot 9.1