Forgotten Christmas Bauble

Started by wlodfer, December 27, 2019, 10:06:02 AM

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Hi It is my second render.I have modelled with Cinema 4D R21 with X particles plugin.
In post production I have used Adobe Photoshop CC with Topaz Lab to get nice HDR looks effect.
I have used new Fuzz material for growing frost / snow on the bottom of bauble. Originally done with X particles.
Ribbon was rendered with new RealCloth material.
I have used fully procedural textures to snow and Christmas bauble as well.I have used Rock Pack from 3 Models  in KeyShot 9 as well.
Environment was done with one HDR, I have reduced brightness and add pin with huge brightness and two planes above to get some interesting effect for background.
That was quite pleasure to work with version 9. I have own 8.2 Pro now, but new version is worth attention.
I am really enjoy work with KeyShot. I use normally KeyShot to work with hard surface models and product visualisation.